Buying a property in Spain is no more complicated than buying in the UK. But it is important to recognize the differences between the Spanish and British purchase procedures, as well as variations to the legal and tax systems.

The Buying Process

It is essential to take specialist advice, and buying through The Village means that you have someone on hand at all times to guide you through the process. The Buyers Guide will take you through each stage of the buying process.

Arrange a Personal Consultation

We encourage anyone who is thinking of buying at The Village or even in the area to arrange a personal consultation with a sales representative, this can be done over the phone. It allows you to find out more information on the development and ask any questions you may have on the buying process.

Arrange a Discovery Trip

The Village can arrange for a discovery trip, so you can see the site for yourself. All we ask is that you arrange your own flights. We will then collect you from the airport and take you to one of our pool of luxury hotels in the area, we will then collect you the next day and take you to the site and show you around the area. We will also be able to answer any questions that you may have on the development.

Before you view a property

Before arriving in Spain you should make sure that you have at your disposal sufficient funds to cover the Reservation Deposit on a property. If you do not have the means to lodge a Reservation Deposit immediately, you risk losing the property to another party who does have the sum available. The minimum required is 3,000 euros (circa 2,000), which may be paid with a credit card or bank transfer. A cheque, if drawn on a foreign bank account, may take up to ten days to clear by Spanish banks. Reservation deposits are non-refundable so it's important to be sure of your financing for purchase before reserving a property. The Reservation Deposit will be kept directly with an independent lawyer, Lexland Abogados. When a Reservation Deposit is lodged against the property, the Sales Price is fixed. The unit is then taken off the market and reserved in the buyer's name.

Choosing a property

Consider the frequency with which you will use the property, think about the short distance from airports, rental potential and long term investment - establish a budget and remember to add 10% to the purchase price to cover fees associated with the buying process. Acquiring the home of your dreams should not cause a headache, The Village can take the hassle away as the research has already been done on the development and due diligence taken place independently by the Football Club. If views are a priority, The Village can advise which blocks have views of the golf course or sea, take a look at the site pictures to help you decide.

The Costa del Sol offers world class golf courses, superb build quality and much improved infrastructure - not to mention the best climate in Europe, an average of 320 days of sunshine a year. Property is cheaper and the potential return on your investment can be higher.

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The Purchase

Once a suitable apartment has been chosen, the first step is to complete a reservation form and pay a 3,000 euro (circa 2,000) deposit. At this stage, it is beneficial to bring into the buying process a lawyer to assist further in the process. The purchase agreement is 20% of the price within one month of agreement and 80% on completion of the project.

Appointing a lawyer

A lawyer will provide the legal guarantees for the purchase of the property ensuring that Spanish legal requirements are met and that the property is bought free of encumbrances, charges, liens or debt and is up to date in all its payments of local contributions and community charges. Lawyers will tell you in advance what their fee will be - in almost all cases, 1% of the purchase price. Using a lawyer from your home country will substantially increase your legal costs and most certainly delay the sales process. Finally, it is necessary to obtain an N.I.E (Spanish tax identity number) when purchasing property, your lawyer can also assist you with this, although this does not need to be provided until contract completion. For purchasing overseas we recommend Lexland who are based in Marbella (Tel:(+34) 952 778 899).

Formalising the offer:

The Reservation Deposit

The Spanish property market is extremely buoyant and properties can sell fast, it is necessary to act quickly. Once there is a verbal agreement between parties, the next step will be to formalize the terms of the offer in writing. It is normal practice in Spain to include with the offer a reservation or holding deposit until the exchange of private contracts. The Reservation Deposit is 3,000 (circa 2,000). By paying the Reservation Deposit it guarantees that the property is taken off the market and is reserved for you at the agreed fixed price. This initial reservation deposit will be held in your appointed lawyer's client account. It is important to realize the Reservation Deposit is non-refundable, unless it is specifically agreed to be, conditional upon certain factors happening; for example, raising finance or even actually viewing the property, if reserved unseen. The deposit is advised to be made by cash or credit card. Avoid paying by cheque as it can take up to ten days to clear, giving a rival investor ample opportunity to step in with the cash.

Exchange of Private Contracts

Upon acceptance of the offer by the owner the next step in the process is to exchange private contracts of sale or to sign an option to purchase. This normally takes place within two weeks following formal acceptance of the offer. Your lawyer will have completed his searches and investigations of the property and will have verified that there are no outstanding debts on the property for which you might be liable; this information will all be included in the Nota Simple document. The private contract of sale or option will reflect all the agreed terms of the offer and sale, and will set out the date for final completion at the notary. At this stage the buyer must pay 20% of the purchase price which is non refundable. The amount of the Reservation Deposit is subtracted from this first installment payment on the purchase price. Independent Bank Guarantees, provide for return of all money back plus 4% interest in the event that the project is not completed. Each property comes with a 10 year building warranty.

Completion of sale at the Notary

A sale is formally completed in Spain when the public title deeds of purchase are signed before a notary, the final payment made and possession given to the buyer. On the assigned day the buyer and the seller, or their authorized representatives, will attend the notary's office to sign the title deed 'Escritura de Compraventa'. Buyers can also give their lawyer Power of Attorney which makes them eligible to sign the documents. At this point the payment of the remaining balance is made and possession passes to the buyer with the handing over of the keys. Be aware that under Spanish law only the person named on the title deed has the right to sell the property.


Once signed, the notary will fax a note of the title deeds to the local town hall land registry. Your lawyer will also arrange payment of all the relevant transfer taxes associated with the purchase and will handle the formalities of registration of your title deeds. Final registration of the deed may take up to two months.


The Village will keep you updated on developments at the site up until this time and will always be available to answer any questions you may have. If you require finance to make the final payment Football Village can arrange for you to see a mortgage advisor. Currently as a non-resident of Spain you can obtain a mortgage to 70% of the value.

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